2nd International Symposium on Catalysis and Speciality Chemicals ISCSC 2018

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We cordially invite you to contribute and enrich the discussions by submitting your recent results to ISCSC 2018. Prizes will be attributed to Ph-D students best presentations.
The symposium official language is english.


Please visit our updated website: https://iscsc2018.univ-tlemcen.dz/

To participate to the 2nd International Symposium on Catalysis and Specialty Chemicals ISCSC-2018, you should:
1. Prepare your one page abstract (following carefully the Abstract Template)
2. Register online and submit your abstract (click on the link) using google chrome navigator
Abstract submission deadline: March 31, 2018

Thank you in advance for your interest.
We will be very happy to welcome you in Tlemcen next October.


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